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Passion Room 
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Passion Room

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Enjoy a place full of eroticism and elegance. Luxurious, passionate and fully equipped. Lounge area, jacuzzi, erotic toys ...

Spacious and comfortable perfect for romantic encounters.


Time Price
1 Hour 45€
2 Hours 70€
3 Hours 85€
4 Hours 100€
5 Hours 115€
6 Hours 130€
8 Hours 140€
12 Hours 165€

Red Room

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Room for couples fully equipped with BDSM furniture, erotic toys, suspension points and many more surprises.

For you, passionate.


Time Price
1 Hour 35€
2 Hours 55€
3 Hours 65€
4 Hours 85€
5 Hours 100€
6 Hours 110€
8 Hours 120€
12 Hours 145€

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¿Are you looking for a romantic or more daring room?

In our rooms for hours for couples you will find two models different.

On the one hand they will have the possibility to enjoy a more erotic and lustful style In the room passion. In it you will find an incredible private jacuzzi, a Lounge area and an exhibitor of erotic toys. It stands out for its breadth and various areas for diverse games. Willing to release stress and generate endorphins!

On the other hand the red room, a special room for the most daring. Is Dungeon-oriented room, noted for its spaciousness and great variety of erotic furniture. It also has sex toys.

No doubt the morbidity is guaranteed!