Frequent questions

Frequent questions

Next, we leave you a repository of frequently asked questions to help you solve your doubts. If you have any questions that were not collected, we remind you that you can contact us from any of the following options.

Of course. We are delighted to welcome all couples who want to try our rooms for hours.

Payment is made in cash or by credit / debit card at the reception before entering the room. They can also pay the reservation on the form.

They will have fifteen minutes from the time of reservation to attend. After this period, we recommend calling by phone as we may have had the room. Likewise, we suggest calling or writing a message informing about the delay.

Of course. Depending on the room you select, more or fewer people may enter at a cost of € 15 per person (not counting the two included in the reservation).

Absolutely. We have a special pack with petal decoration, special message and a bottle of champagne. Call us by phone or indicate it at the time of booking.

We do not have parking at the moment. However, the area has easy parking.

Discretion is our main advantage. Thus, they will not cross paths with other clients in the facilities.

One of our advantages is stays without registration.

Of course. As long as there is no reservation later. We advise you to notify as far in advance as possible.

They will have a control knob to regulate all the lights in the room.

It incorporates a security system that prevents operation until the water completely covers the jets.

Our location is carefully selected to camouflage itself in the city center. Outside there are no indications of the internal palace so discretion is guaranteed.

We thank you very much for letting us know as soon as possible so that other couples can enjoy the rooms for hours.

All rooms have hot / cold climate control.